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We feel everyone should be able to start their rehab today and that’s why we’ve made access to our Stage 1 exercises available for free. There is also free advice from our experts relating to posture, your work station, how to manage pain and how to fit exercise into everyday life. All without the need to see a doctor or physio.

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Attend live rehab (back, knee, shoulder, neck etc) classes and also benefit from completing exercises from our ever expanding user rated exercise library.

Gain access to stage 2 & 3 exercise progressions!

It’s better to recover together, join the in-app community, share your progress, send & receive support.

Pain management

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Dr Chris Castle

NHS GP & physio


Patients have said ...

Patients have said ...

"I received relief from the pain in lower back and groin area once I completed the exercises for day1. Great value for money. Highly recommended."

"Very easy and convenient to use"

"Great app to get you started with your rehab."

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  • Stream live rehab classes/ group consultations
  • Provide tailored self-management for large populations
  • Reduce GP appointments
  • Reduce referrals/investigations
  • Reduce workdays lost to sickness

Self-care options that provide only written or video content achieve less than 30% engagement with the inevitable consequence of drop out. We believe that self-care can achieve so much more by empowering patients to take control of their recovery. That’s why we have created GPEP to be so much more than just an exercise app. GPEP’s provider platform means you can upload your own pre-recorded content and host your own live exercise classes to provide patients with the remote support they need.

Give your patients GPEP, place muscle & joint rehab in their hands, create more time for clinicians.

About GPEP

People expect to be given the tools to lead their own muscle & joint recovery…….. that’s the inspiration behind GPEP.

It’s easy to try GPEP for free.

Designed with NHS GP’s and Physiotherapists, based on evidence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have been given an access code?

You will be given full access to GPEP if you select the GP access code option in the main menu and enter the code that you have been given.

What if my condition has not been formally diagnosed?

The exercises have been selected to cater for the most common conditions diagnosed by your GP. All that you need to do to start your rehab is simply select the body part affected. You do not necessarily need to see your GP before starting the exercises.

How can I influence the app development?

We are keen to provide the best user experience we can. Your feedback has shaped the app to its current form. We welcome your feedback for future app developments via the feedback link.

How frequently should I complete my exercises?

This is indicated by the number of blue ticks icon on each exercise page. Follow the verbal instructions whilst watching the exercise video. When the video has finished and you have completed the exercise record it by pressing the tick.

What do our users say about the GPEP App?

Our users have told us that all of them gained some benefit from using the app with 60% reporting full recovery. As a result 87.5% are likely to use the app again for future possible muscle and joint conditions.

Will the app be appropriate for my condition?

The app is designed to cater for the most common joint and muscle conditions that people attend a doctor's appointment with. However, If you are unsure please check with your GP.

Who provides the information for the app?

The information within the app has been evaluated against UK National Clinical Guidelines and has undergone a peer review process involving NHS GPs and physiotherapists. This is a continual process and changes to these guidelines will be reflected in future app updates.

What do I do if my condition gets worse?

When completing the exercises for the first time it is not uncommon to experience some minor discomfort. This should settle as you progress. However you should seek medical advice if you feel your condition is getting worse.

Who will be able to view my progress chart?

We believe that it is better to rehab together. However only if you opt into the My Community section will other users be able view your progress and send you support. For more information please view our privacy policy.